Ausstellungen | Weltraum 2024

Exhibitions /SUBSTANCE ACCORDING TO ME WELTRAUM, Rumfordstraße 26, München

„Substance is a key concept in ontology. Substance ontological theory positing that objects are constituted each by a substance and properties borne by the substance but distinct from it. Substance refers to those things that are object-like, rather that property-like. From the variety of their views, however, a descriptive statement of the meaning of substance can be pieced together: it is something basic and independent in existence, standing under other realities, and a source of activity.“

DE Alle Fotografien können in der Auflage 1/1 bestellt werden. Entwicklung erfolgt mit ILFORD Entwickler auf ILFORD Multigrade Baryt-Papier, und mit TETENAL fixiert. Ausgeliefert wird in einem neutralen Passepartout, signiert

EN All photgraphs can be ordered 1 of 1 limited edition. Developed with ILFORD Multigrade developer on fibre-based photographic paper, rapid fixer of TETENAL. Presented in passepartout, signated

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